Members of TBF feel it is important to support our community and to give back. TBF makes an annual selection of community organizations to support or interact with for the forthcoming year consistent with the purpose of TBF.

Our outreach into the community also allows us to foster relationships among members and between TBF members and the community.

Decision Criteria Matrix -- The following questions are designed to help TBF members evaluate proposals brought before them:
  1. Does this proposal fit with the vision of the organization?
  2. Does this proposal help TBF deliver on the promise that the positioning makes to its members?
  3. Does this proposal meet the needs and wants of the target members?
  4. Is this proposal consistent with TBF’s Mission and Core Values? (unity, giving, excellence, professionalism, lifelong learning)

We are proud to be supporting the following organizations this year:

Community Action Coalition:

In 2014/2015 we will partner with the Community Action Coalition to collect women’s professional clothing for their Clothing Center. Donations are accepted at luncheons during the year.

What is the CAC?

CAC actively engages all parts of the communities in the struggle to eliminate poverty. It builds on the strengths, assets and capacities of low-income people and communities to develop solutions to poverty. Its five-year goals include helping people develop the capacity, knowledge and skills necessary to improve their economic and social circumstances and ensuring that people develop assets that enable them to strengthen their economic futures.

The CAC’s free Clothing Center serves over 9,000 low-income individuals and families each year. It provides seasonally appropriate clothing for school, work, home, as well as job interviews. All of the clothing is provided through community donations and volunteers help sort and hang all of the items for its shoppers.

Executive Women's Golf Association

We are again partnering with EWGA with a focus on mutual membership and charity support.

What Is the EWGA?

The EWGA is a not-for-profit organization formed in 1991 to provide opportunities for women to learn, play, and enjoy the game of golf for business and for life.

The Purpose of the EWGA is to provide members with the opportunity:

  • to understand the rules and etiquette of business golf
  • to develop networking skills
  • to enhance business contacts
  • to foster personal and professional relationships
  • to improve business golf skills
  • to increase self-confidence on the golf course and most importantly to enjoy the game of golf
The TBF sponsored a hole at the EWGA Annual Charity Golf Outing. In 2014, funds raised benefitted CASA, a local non-profit organization that provides volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocates to abused and neglected children who are under the protection or authority of the Dane County Courts.

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