The purpose of The Business Forum and The Business Forum Foundation is to foster the personal and professional growth of its members and other women through networking, scholarships, outreach and community involvement.


Women who realize the potential of women in business and their communities.



Lifelong Learning: Through educational, networking and social events, TBF fosters professional and personal growth. It motivates members to continually improve their skills and achieve their goals. Members help others realize their full potential by freely sharing their knowledge and experiences.

Excellence: The organization builds quality into all that it does. TBF also recognizes the high quality work that others do in its programming, community events and committee work.

Giving: Through their generous gifts of time, talent and treasure, members educate and encourage women to effect change in the community. They help women gain confidence in their financial giving abilities and inspire them to help TBF fulfill its philanthropic mission.

Professionalism: TBF members demonstrate integrity and respect, coupled with skill and competence, in all their work for the organization. These qualities form the foundation for rewarding interpersonal and group interactions.

Unity: TBF provides an environment that fosters the self-expression and individuality of its members as they work together toward common goals. In the process, members create unique synergies, achieve successful outcomes, and form lifelong friendships.

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